Monday, June 2, 2014

Political Novice!

It came as a big surprise to a "political novice" like me that a political candidate may get rejected by the people and lose the election but he or she can still become a "cabinet minister"! Anyway, it doesn't matter, as long as they serve the country and its people with honesty and deliver anything close to an efficient governance. Good luck to Arun Jaitley the new Finance and Defence Minister and to Smriti Irani the new Human Resource Development minister!

If general elections are meant only for getting head count for deciding on who will run the Government, then there should be more inexpensive way of making such a decision!

There was so much noise in the past few days regarding the education of Smriti Irani and the rejoinder of BJP ministers regarding Sonia Gandhi's education. It is quite pathetic how grown ups can behave like immature brats! 

I came upon quite an interesting and revealing summary of the education of the members of cabinet. It seems that Uma Bharti, the current water resource and ‘Ganga Rejuvenation’ minister, is the least qualified, having completed formal education only till class six. 

I wonder what made a Ph.D in Cardiac Anatomy from the University of Denver to become a politician!

The members of Congress party should just shut up and refrain from making stupid comments and getting their foot in their mouth. They had their chance for ten years but they totally messed up. They should take this opportunity to learn their mistakes and do penance for their sins! They should let the new government do its work. If possible, contribute in the rebuilding of the country in whatever way they can and hope that the people will forgive their misdeeds. 

The Congress party should learn a lesson from Chandrababu Naidu who rose like a Phoenix after going into political wilderness after he was vanquished from the political scene in 2004 assembly polls. But he did not give up. He realized his mistakes, he went back to the people, especially the farmers who felt ignored while he was in power. Now he is back as the Chief Minister of the depleted new Andhra Pradesh. He has been given a second chance and I hope that he will grab this opportunity and regain his lost glory!

1st June 2014 is a landmark for people of "erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh".  Now we belong to the new state of Telangana! Is it for better or for worse, only time will tell! All we can do is just hope that it is the dawn of a new beginning, for good! 

I do not know how costly the formation of the new state is going to be for the country. The cost of printing new government stationery itself may run into several crores of rupees. 

How will it affect us personally! Do we have to change the address in our passports and other documents, I wonder! 

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