Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Aam aadmi prevails!

Well done AAP! What a sweeping victory! The banners, headlines and statements screamed, “Jhadoo turns into Vacuum Cleaner”, “Mufflerman Returns”, “Aap ki dilli”, “Tsunami overtakes wave” and so on. But for me the best is, AAP decimates BJP”!

It is a massive rout of BJP, a meager 3 wins against 67 wins of AAP. It is a reversal of national elections! Already the blame game has started in the BJP camp. But honestly, BJP lost it even before the election announcement was made. The last nail in the coffin was announcing Kiran Bedi as CM candidate. You could almost see Arvind Kejriwal almost smacking his lips at that announcement.

The BJP was overconfident and upbeat with the national win. They lost touch with ground realities. They thought they had the people of India in their pockets. But surprise, surprise! They got their reply! People threw all that “yojna bhasans” out of the window! 

To be frank, it is their own undoing. Even when their party goons were running amok everywhere, they just looked the other way. As if it was a silly matter, like kids playing minor pranks.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went all over the world showcasing his oratory skills and bowling over everyone with his speeches. He spoke and spoke in volumes. But when his ministers went around making slanderous remarks and the bigots were running wild trampling people’s sentiments, he kept mum. Not a word, not even a whimper!

This loss should be a big lesson for the BJP, particularly to Narendra Modi. It is a big “whack on his back”. You cannot take people for granted with “all bhasan and no action”! You cannot keep quiet when people’s sentiments are getting trampled by your own party-men! If you have no control over your men, then you cannot call yourself a leader! This should teach everyone a lesson! 

The condition of Kiran Bedi is pathetic, to say the least! She enticed Narendra Modi to get her into BJP fold by heaping superlative praises on him. She thought she could not lose going by the BJP wave. What a surprise, what a disappointment, people did not fall for the trick. Overall, this election result is very healthy for India!

What will Kiran Bedi do now? Will she rejoin Arvind Kejriwal? She might try, after all she has proven what an expert she is at jumping camps and playing the blame game. She has already disowned BJP by saying “I did not lose, the BJP has lost”. In my opinion, she should give up her political aspirations and take up some social cause, like the brutal rapes and other atrocities being committed on women and little girls. She can at least salvage some of the pride and respect she once had!

By the way, I bet no one even noticed the “duck” scored by the Congress Party! Is it not high time to prepare a “time capsule” for the Congress Party?



  1. Nice Francis...

    You might have read that AAP's Bangalore unit is already talking of competing in the upcoming municipal elections here. This should be a wake up call for all parties that take the people for granted. Currently, the BJP rules the BBMP in Bangalore, while the Congies are at the helm at state level.... They have messed up at both levels and Bangaloreans especially, are absolutely pissed off with the sorry state of affairs... at the current rate of deterioration of the state and the IT city, it won't be long before these blokes manage to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs....

    The AAP behaved like a bunch of jokers the last time around in Delhi... Now, they are making the right sound bites but only time will tell whether words translate to right action...

    Jai Hind!

    1. Thanks. People elect politicians to represent the constituency's interest at national level and to implement development projects and make sure there is general prosperity for the constituency. But these guys are mostly busy with personal prosperity and waste everybody's time by indulging in all sorts stupid gimmicks.

      Now, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. What sort of "thamasha" is in store, we will have to wait and see!