Sunday, May 10, 2015

It needs guts to do this!

This is an unusual, but very inspiring true story. It is the story of Sriram and Karpagam. Sriram is an IIT-IIM graduate, while Karpagam was a Commerce & Management graduate and a top ranking executive in a shipping company.

Both met while volunteering for a non-profit organization. That chance meeting not only brought them together, but made them both realize that they both wanted to do the same thing in their lives.

On a fateful day, they both decided to chuck their jobs and the city life. They escaped to the serenity of a rural life, close to nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle and all the toxic and maddening things it encompassed.

I am  sure many of us would have many times had such an urge while battling the challenges of grossly urbanized city life. 

But one has to have guts like Sriram and Karpagam to actually chuck everything, including lucrative jobs with its economic freedom, and opt for a simple life far from the city and all its superfluous attractions, that too at an age when career and wealth making is considered as the most important things in one's life.
We cannot but salute the resolve, conviction and the self confidence of this brave couple. Click for full story:   Story of Sriram and Karpagam


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