Monday, December 7, 2015

Listen to the clarion call!

India is facing spate of disasters, some natural, some man made,
* Torrential rains in Chennai never seen before in recent times, rains deluging the whole city. So severe that the city is still reeling from its effect and desperately trying to cope with the after-effects, trying to recover and return to normalcy.
* Kerala State is facing backlash from Chennai floods through rising water levels in Mullaperiyar dam
* Severe water shortage in Telangana State for weeks now.
* New Delhi is facing death-threatening smog and severe pollution level which is reported to be 24 times above normal levels. The air is so toxic that schools had to be shut down.
 Tremors were felt in most parts of Northern India today.

Similar disasters are being faced in other parts of the world,
* Beijing is facing toxic smog, so severe that red alert had been issued and schools have been shut down.
* Tajikistan was jolted by 7.2 magnitude earthquake today.
* Northern England was whipped by floods caused yesterday by Storm Desmond, so severe that many schools were shut down and many residents evacuated.

It sure looks like a showdown between "devastated" nature and "destructive" man. No prizes for guessing who will win the battle, unfortunately. Are we ready and prepared to face the consequences?
When calamities occur, they affect every individual, irrespective of color, creed, religious, communal and sociopolitical divisions. It is a proven fact that when nature gets angry, we  can run but can never hide. It sure sounds like doomsday, but I am sure man will prevail. At what cost, one cannot say.
It is high time for man to pause, think and set the priorities right. Nature seems to be desperately issuing a clarion call for better treatment. It seems to say, "you take care of me and I will take care of you"! 
It is time to start treating nature with more respect and utmost care for our environment. Alarm bells are ringing, we better pay heed, for our own sake.

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