Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dhoni does it, yet again.

Dhoni does it again, pulling a rabbit out of the hat in the WT20 cricket match between India and Bangladesh.

The game, which was surely and steadily inching towards a Bangladesh victory, turned out to be a thriller in the end, a pot boiler. The victory pointer gave nearly 80% chance to Bangladesh. And then, the madness happened. 

Bangladesh was cruising nicely towards the winning post until they started their "hara-kiri" in the last few overs. They could have easily achieved the target with 2's and safe boundaries. But they threw it all away by going for risky shots, showing unnecessary aggression and foolhardiness, losing the match by just 2 runs. Even if they had hung on and scored 1 run, the game could have gone for a super over. Unfortunate for Bangladesh, it was not to be. India won the match, that too after many dropped catches.

Dhoni yet again took a gamble by giving the crucial last over to a maverick. This lad, Hardik Pandya, is a very exciting player, always busy in the field, making his presence felt, either bowling, fielding, batting or taking incredible catches. It was quite amusing to see him, with his ever lingering boyish grin, trying his best to carry out the responsibility given to him. I couldn't help feeling sorry for the quandary he was put in. Even the umpire had to chip in with a pat on his shoulders. 

What an exciting, thrilling and nerve racking last over it turned out to be. Just 11 runs was needed for Bangladesh for a win. But, the over ended up with three wickets and a win for India.

Cricket is a funny game, you cannot be sure of the results until the last ball is bowled. In the end it all comes down to who wilts and buckles under pressure and who holds on with nerves of steel. That is where our man Dhoni comes in. He has proved it time and again. 

In the end, it turned out to be the difference between men versus boys, maturity versus inexperience, keeping cool versus getting carried away by euphoria.

In the event of a win, credit must go to every player in the team but what stays in the mind is the last exciting moments. In all the excitement, people forgot the penultimate over bowled by Bumrah. He was hit all over the park in his previous overs, and then he comes back and gives that peach of an over, conceding just six runs. 

All said and done, Pandya's heroics and Dhoni's calculated risk taking coolness will be remembered and talked over for quite sometime to come.


  1. Good writeup Francis. Sure was a nail-biting finish. Captain Cool proved his pedigree once again. High time India's batting came together. They cannot expect such luck again, specially against the tough Aussies. Usually, its India's batting that carries the day, but for the three matches so far, it has been India's under-rated bowlers who have done better. I am not convinced that Dhawan and Sharma team will hit form soon. What are the other options? Possibly, Rahane in place of one of them.
    Wishing Team India the best of luck, to go all the way and lift the trophy once again.

  2. I agree. Especially when you look at some of the player's casual, lazy demeanor, our expectations take a nose dive. They need to "up the ante", especially for the next game. As of now, Indian NRR doesn't look very impressive.