Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Final Countdown May 2016

The day of reckoning is again just round the corner, this time the day to decide who wins and who loses in the political battle for the conquest of the north east, the west and the south

Tomorrow is the day when the results of Indian state elections of Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Kerala will be revealed.

One can well imagine how busy the God’s will be tomorrow with prayers on the lips and hearts of most of  1.26 billion Indians. I am pretty sure that the God’s must be getting prepared by increasing the bandwidth of communication channels to cope with the heavy incoming data traffic.

It has been reported that different parties have as usual ordered for firecrackers and thousands of kilos of sweets. It will be interesting to see who will burst the crackers and who will take it home for next Diwali.

The guys involved with exit polls are at it again, as usual predicting wins and losses for various parties. They are just doing their duty, just going through motions, for they too know how the predictions went for a toss in the previous Delhi and Bihar elections. Not one so called "expert" got it right. Cannot blame them for it is not easy to fathom the psyche of the Indian electorate. Election after election, they have surprised the pundits and political analysts. 

Our PM was again busy with hectic election campaigning. He told the people of Assam how he used to sell tea, not just any tea, it was “Assam Tea”. Did they believe him, did that inspire them? Well, we will know very soon.

Our PM went to Tamil Nadu and told the people a nonexistent story of “helicopter ka chori”. Perhaps, he thought “Augusta Westland Chopper Scam” was too complicated for the people to understand.

He went to Kerala and raised a storm in a tea cup. His criticism of things in Kerala being much worse than in Somalia didn’t go very well with the people. It created such a storm on social media that some people decided to convey their displeasure on Twitter through hashtag #PoMoneModi which according to Shashi Tharoor translates into “get lost, kid”.

The cricketer turned politician Sreesanth claims BJP will get more than 75 seats. Interesting how BJP put their faith in this guy who to me sounds very immature in his conduct and very irresponsible with his tongue. Perhaps, in the words of journalist Sabin Iqbal, "he has been washed and sanitized in saffron water”. Perhaps, he has a large fan following, perhaps he may even end up garnering votes.

BJP has even managed to rope in big names from film industry, like Suresh Gopi. More than that, we have seen in the past how BJP has had major wins, more because of wrong doings of other parties than its own merit. Who knows, it could happen again, BJP may triumph in these state elections too.

Perhaps, it could be a welcome change for Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It would be a very amusing sight, with lots of Hindi speaking politicians going around, asking “nariyal ka pani lao”.

There was a time when, with the very mention of the word “Hindi”, the people in Tamil Nadu would go on the rampage. But things seem to have changed in the last couple of years. More and more people are drawn towards politicians from the north. The time may be right, they may welcome Hindi language and Hindi speaking politicians. They may even be inspired to learn Hindi and even listen to "Mann ki Baat" to get first hand information rather than reading translations. The same could apply to Kerala.

Will the change happen? Well, it is just a matter of another day, we will know for sure if people have been swayed by rhetoric or they have been smart enough to see things through for what they really are.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day, a day of another landmark, another milestone for many Indians. It could even be very interesting for people from Somalia, they may also be watching the results with interest. By that, I mean the people of real Somalia, the real country.

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