Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Economic Opportunism

Every year a plethora of special international events are remembered on designated days (World Health Day, World Water Day, Cancer Talk Week, Earth Day, International Women's Day and many others). Some remember the day through talks, discussions, slogans and messages from important people and not so important people. Some take the opportunity to turn it into a day of joy and celebration. Some take the opportunity to express their outrage through protests, strikes and sociopolitical activism. 

The most active participation is from commercial organizations that see the event as a commercial opportunity. However serious or grave the event may be, they want their piece of the cake, an opportunity for increasing wealth. In this regard, some hospitals are not far behind. An unsolicited message from one hospital reads "Your health is the most important thing to you. On this International Woman's Day, avail special 20% discount on your health check". 

While people are discussing and raising issues related to gender equality, female infanticide, rapes, and many other forms of oppression and neglect, this hospital is keen in getting it's piece of the commercial cake through health sales pitch. Nothing wrong I guess, or is it!

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